Ms. Nishrin V Pathan

Innovations in Teaching - Learning

  • Curriculum – Developing and amending curriculum for communication skills which can equip students for the future and technology based challenges with communication. (e. g. Communication for Managers for Masters of E-business Program)


  • Pedagogy – Apart from classroom interaction, use of movie show, case study, Games, oral & PPT Presentations, GD and Written Assignment. Organizing literary activities like elocution, debate, essay writing, quiz to develop literary skills.


  • Evaluation – Classroom participation, Book reviews, Group tasks & Presentations, Individual speaking and presentation, written tasks, projects (in case of MEB)


  • Study Material – subject-wise, topic-wise hard copy as well as soft copy. Material of lecture posted on website.


  • Counseling – Counselling for academic and personal issues. Creating tri-pod relationship among student –teacher –parents through letters and phone. Counseling girl students specially for their feminine problems and safety related issues.